Bad week

Sunday, 27th March 2011 at 12:15 pm Leave a comment

Poor Fudge Chick has had her eye pecked by one of the other girls (I suspect Pink).  She hid herself away and wouldn’t let us near her.  We waited til she went to bed, then brought her into the house where we bathed her eye with warm salty water then covered it with antiseptic eye cream.  The eye has healed closed so she’s been a bit wobbly on her feet, but she’s learning quickly.  She’s been eating, drinking and laying so she’s feeling fine.

Rambo (guinea pig) decided to munch on the power lead for the wireless router.  I tried to find a 7.5 volt, 1500 MA adapter but no-one seems to sell them so we had to order a hub.  It’s replaced the router and modem, and it’s smaller than both of those so we can hide it away.  Less leads lying about, so it’s tidier too.  I wasn’t happy about going a few days without the internet though!


Entry filed under: Chickens and eggs, Guinea pigs.

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