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Thursday, 7th April 2011 at 7:21 am Leave a comment

I’ve got all sorts of bits and pieces to put on the kitchen shelves.  I can’t decide where to put what, and when I eventually do, I’ll probably rearrange them about 50 times……..

When we planned the kitchen, we had a 600mm wide oven.  After we bought the units, we bought a range cooker (fantastic planning, don’t you think?!).  One of the units was now way too big for the remaining space (thank you Ikea, for your 90 day return policy if you change your mind), which is too small for even the narrowest  unit.  So I thought – shelves with skinny baskets.  I searched and searched and finally found the baskets in Trago Mills yesterday, 16cm wide which is the perfect size.  Just need to build the shelf unit now.  When I find the camera batteries, I’ll post some pics.

Fudge Chick has adapted really well to only having one eye, she was quiet for a while and kept away from the other girls most of the time – I think she was scared of getting hurt in the rush for corn, etc – but now she’s running around with them again and has reclaimed her place in the pecking order.


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Bad week

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