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Monday, 30th May 2011 at 10:49 am Leave a comment

I’d love to post every day but some days are so boring that it’s not worth it.  Then on my productive days, I don’t have time.

It’s about time I took photos of the garden, kitchen, animals and crafts.  So I turned the camera on, it was fine for a couple of minutes then the ‘low battery’ thingy started flashing.  That’s OK, I have loads of batteries charged and at the ready.  So I swapped them – nothing.  Maybe rechargables lose their power once charged then left?  So I tried 3 lots of ordinary batteries and still nothing.  My camera is dead 😦  We have another camera but I hate it, all my photos come out blurry on it.  OH takes good pics with it though, I’ll have to get him to do all the work.

The girls are laying well, I collected 10 eggs yesterday, even with 2 broody hens.  If they don’t come out of it soon, I’ll have to break them myself.  Not looking forward to that, they seem so sad when I lock them out of their shed.

I keep hearing people saying their tomato plants are huge, or flowering, or both.  My tallest one is about 8 inches, and not a flower in sight.  Not sure what’s going on there.

The veg is growing well, especially the spinach.  I sowed the seeds in nice straight lines, the birds must have been playing because they’ve grown in messy clumps, lol.  Still very tasty!

I was hoping to spend this week putting notepads together and designing more calendars.  Turns out I’ll be working all week instead.  Just as well I love my job!  And think of all the lovely crafty things I can buy with the extra money, lol.


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New chicken shed Weeds everywhere….

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