Weeds everywhere….

Monday, 6th June 2011 at 12:05 pm Leave a comment

I worked full time last week.  After work I only had time to bung some washing in, clean out the guinea pigs and chickens, eat, shower then go to bed.  The garden was watered but not weeded – you should see the state of it.  I’ve just been out and pulled some weeds up.  I filled two buckets (the chickens appreciated them!) but it looks like I’ve hardly touched it.

Our new lawnmower has just arrived, it’s a Qualcast Panther 380.  That’ll save a bit on the electric bill.

I’m still playing around with my notepads, just when I think I’ve got it right I change something, lol.  I’m almost there.

I’ve discovered that my sewing machine has more than one use – if you take the thread and bobbin out, it’s great for perforating paper.

RIP Boris Pig xxx

Every few months, his digestive system would shut down.  The vet would give him something to kick-start it and I’d have to feed him with a syringe for a few days.  It happened again last week, he had his usual visit to the vet and I took him to work so I could give him food and water regularly.  But it must have been too much for him to cope with this time.  He’s buried near the cherry tree.


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