A big mess

Monday, 11th July 2011 at 5:26 pm Leave a comment

Well, it WAS.   I’ve been cleaning up.

We’ve had a plasterer in for a couple of days, the whole house suffered the dust.  But the walls look great now, just waiting for them to dry out then we can paint.

My skin has suffered too, the dust has sucked all the moisture out of it.  I’m back on the Frugal Frump challenge today.  It was  a bit difficult to do when the plasterer wants to get into the bathroom to work, lol.  I’m fully dust-free, clean and moisturised.  Healthy food makes a huge difference to your skin, so I’ll be eating out of the garden a lot.  Here’s what we picked yesterday –

Beetroot, carrots, broad beans, peas and italian beans (can’t remember the proper name for them!).  There’s eight courgettes too but I forgot to add them to the pic.



Entry filed under: Looking after me, Vegetables.

A new me….. Can’t keep up………

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