It’s been months…………..

Saturday, 30th June 2012 at 6:53 am Leave a comment

…………..since I posted.  There’s been lots of stress from two situations, but things are calm and peaceful now.  So it’s time to get back back to normal and post regularly on here.

The veg patch is doing well.  We’ve planted potatoes, broad beans, peas, carrots, sweetcorn, sprouts, peppers, tomatoes and a few more things – I’ve just got out of bed and can’t remember it all at the moment!  The fruit bushes seem to be working overtime.  Yesterday we picked 7oz of raspberries and tayberries and there’s more on the way.  There’s lots of flowers on the blackberry bush.  In the house, there’s salad leaves, chives and mustard and cress.

The chickens are doing well and laying plenty of eggs.  Rocky has lost feathers on her ‘elbows’.  We’ve tried every solution for every problem and nothing will make those feathers grow back.  She’s perfectly healthy in every other way and is happy, so I suppose that’s just the way she is.

I need to work on my craft sales.  I wish I could employ someone, I know the theory on how to get those sales and I’ve learned all about marketing, but I’m just not good at it.  I’ve just found out about GBBO which lets you have a free website for two years.  I’ll look into it and see if it suits.


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