I’m so unfit

Tuesday, 31st July 2012 at 10:08 am Leave a comment

It started in December 2010.  I woke up, stretched, and a pain shot from my left shoulder to my neck.  Just as it was healing (about four months later), the sciatica started in my right leg.  The pain was mostly in my hip, and I was limping about like a right old limpy thing.  A couple of times, I tried to stand up and got stuck.  Typically, there was no-one else in the house when it happened so I ended up getting down onto the floor then standing up very slowly from there.

The leg is almost healed (can’t believe it’s taken this long – I looked at all the research and discovered that some people heal in about six weeks, obviously I’ll be one of those people I thought, but no).  I started moving around a lot more, then a couple of weeks ago I broke my toe.  The bruise is almost gone and it’s not really painful now so I’ve pretty much carried on as normal.  I’m faithfully doing my sciatica exercises.  But my fitness level is zero.  I’m not allowed to ride my bike until my leg is completely healed (hurry up please, thank you) but I did manage a few bounces on my rebounder yesterday.  I lasted about two and a half minutes before feeling like I was going to collapse in a heap.

19 and a half months ago, I could ride my bike for miles and put my leg behind my head.  Not at the same time, obviously.  Now, I’m pleased if I can do an hour’s gardening without anything aching.  Wonder how long it’ll take me to get my fitness level back to what it was at the beginning of December 2010?


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It’s been months………….. Poorly hen

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