Christmas Wreath

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We bought a new washing machine a few months ago. I couldn’t just throw the old one away, even though it was beyond repair. So we removed the drum and that became a nice neat place to burn rubbish. (We did this with the previous broken machine, the drum was much smaller so that was turned into a barbeque).  Around the drum was some wire, I removed it and decided it would be handy for something. It looked like this –

Wire ring

After months of it hanging around and getting in my way, I wondered if it would be a good base for a wreath. I loosened the screw, pulled the wire round again and tightened it back up. The two loops wouldn’t stay together so I wound some florist’s wire around them.


This thin wire was really fiddly, but worth it because it held the loops together perfectly. I picked out some green yarn and started crocheting around (dc). This was going really well until I reached the first bit of florist’s wire, the yarn kept catching on it. So I covered it with sellotape. I should’ve just used tape to start with. I squashed the stitches together as tight as I could to fit as many on as possible. The next round was trebles (one into each dc), then another round of trebles (one into each dc, back loop only). It’s looking exactly as I want it to look. But I stopped for lunch and can’t remember what I was going to do next. Must learn to WRITE THINGS DOWN.

I have no idea why this looks blue, it’s definitely GREEN in real life.

Wreath three rows


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