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Autumn starts TODAY. I’ve been annoyed with people saying it’s autumn since the beginning of the month, so I had a little rant on a forum about it. Apparently it was changed a few years ago, so the seasons now start on the 1st of the month. Who changed it, and why? The seasons will always change on the 21st for me (except September which varies a bit) and I’m not going to change my mind just because they say so. When they can change solar activity, I MAY consider a re-think!

I know the weather doesn’t suddenly change overnight, but I automatically go into ‘cosy mode’. Meals become comfort food – soups, stews, cottage pies, baked potatoes, toasties, crumbles. Candles are lit in the evening, not too many, just one or two. Some people think gardens looks a bit depressing – not me, they look like they’re having a well-earned rest.

I love to clear out the flower pots and stack them in the greenhouse, ready for next year. The sprouts are growing at the end of the veg patch, we put up a temporary fence to keep them safe then let the chickens loose. They’re better than any tool/machine for digging up the weeds and ploughing πŸ˜€ All the dead plants go into the compost bins. There’s lots of trees around here, there’s too many leaves to fit them all in the compost so we’ll wait for a chilly night, make a hot chocolate then go out and burn them on the veg patch. The ash is raked into the ground, then the veg patch is left alone for a few months.

The chickens will need more shredded paper in their nesting boxes – well, they’re sat still for quite a while each day, they might get cold! Timmy guinea pig will spend less time in his garden run and more time enjoying the freedom of the kitchen and hall. Veg peelings are split between the animals – Timmy gets them raw, the chickens get some that have been boiled up, to help keep them warm.

It’s impossible to get all eleven chickens in one photo, so here’s one of Maisie


This is Tiny Tim, enjoying his lunch



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