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Thursday, 26th September 2013 at 9:00 am Leave a comment

I was hoping to have my giant ripple blanket finished by today. I’m close, just the border to do now. It won’t take long to do, it’s getting it started that’s the problem! I can’t decide whether to leave the ends ripply or straighten them. I’ve been googling images, I’ve seen some with just one row of dc or tr on the sides, others have three or four rounds of varying stitches. I like them all. I’ve made a few ripple blankets and I’ve left them all with ripply ends, I like the effect. Typing this has made me decide, ripply ends it is šŸ˜€

Working on border

My stars won’t stay blocked! I’ve pinned and steamed, then pinned and sprayed starch, neither worked. I know acrylic is quite resistant to blocking, but other people have managed it. They’re not crocheted too tightly. An idea hit last night, just as I was falling asleep. I jumped out of bed to write it down (I KNOW I would’ve forgotten by morning otherwise) ā€“ florist’s wire. I have a small reel of silver. If I crochet the wire and yarn together, they’ll stay in shape. And when the stars are dangling with a candle nearby, the light will pick up the silvery bits and the stars will twinkle. Hopefully.

Stars wire


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A Few Lazy Days No Time To Crochet

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