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Tuesday, 7th April 2015 at 12:04 pm 7 comments

I want to catch up with blogs and write a few posts (I’ve scribbled titles down to remind myself of what I want to say, lol) but Scampi has other plans for me. If he could talk, this is what he’d say –
“Look look look! I’ve peed for you – all over your carpet!”
“Look look look! I’ve peed on the bottom shelf, all over some DVDs!”
“Play with me!”
“Rub my belly!”
“This training thing is hard work, I need a day off. Today, I will ignore everything you say. I’ll even ignore the treats in your pocket – you know, the ones I get when I listen to you – and I’ll stand at the window and bark at cars for two solid hours. OK?”

Crocheting with a dog in the house is interesting! Until two weeks ago, I had a small chest of drawers for yarn, plus there was a basket or box under the coffee table, a couple tucked beside the sofa, one under a chair and a variety of bits lying around. Whatever I was working on was on the arm of the sofa, with a trail of yarn leading to the floor.

Not anymore 😀 As much yarn as possible has been squished into the drawers, some is still in boxes and stacked on top of the tumble dryer in a small cupboard off the hallway (the space I laughingly call The Utility Room) and my basket of bits is balanced on top.

Scampi has a choice of three blankets but he keeps trying to steal the first ripple I made. Obviously I needed to make him one of his own. I picked some balls of yarn from the stash and asked him what he thought, but he assumed they were toys so I had to choose for him – hope he’s happy with the colours 😀

Scampi blanket


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Meet Scampi Exhausted!

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  • 1. Mrs P  |  Tuesday, 7th April 2015 at 2:02 pm

    I had to smile at your post, dogs & crafts are not words you see in the same sentence often LOL I feel your anguish I have half finished projects stashed away all over the place due to K9 and his antics, I hope Scampi will be suitably impressed with his hand crafted blanket and give you an hours piece and quiet to yourself,

    • 2. MollyBean  |  Thursday, 23rd April 2015 at 6:15 pm

      He loves his blanket 😀 We’ve only just got to the stage where I’m allowed to do something all by myself, lol, the supplies are ready, I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike!

      • 3. Mrs P  |  Thursday, 23rd April 2015 at 9:26 pm

        Hang on in there, inspiration will strike any moment LOL

  • 4.  |  Tuesday, 7th April 2015 at 2:39 pm

    Teaching a puppy the house rules sounds harder than teaching children! I am sure he loves his blanket.

    • 5. MollyBean  |  Thursday, 23rd April 2015 at 6:17 pm

      All great fun (and some frustration, if I’m honest!). I was told to think of him as a toddler – shame you can’t put nappies on a dog 😀

  • 6. The Snail of Happiness  |  Tuesday, 7th April 2015 at 3:56 pm

    Scampi’s blanket is lovely… but he will want yours too! Max used to eat headphones… I think because they had been in such close contact with the owner… it was quite a relief when he got over that (rather expensive) addiction!

    • 7. MollyBean  |  Thursday, 23rd April 2015 at 6:20 pm

      Thanks, and yes he does want my blanket too!


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