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Wednesday, 24th June 2015 at 6:10 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been playing catch-up, and now I’ve finally caught up! Scampi Dog has settled really well even though we had a week in Cornwall WITHOUT HIM. I didn’t want to leave him but it couldn’t be helped, he had a great time in boarding though – lots of play, cuddles and treats. I won’t be leaving him again, next time he’s coming with us πŸ™‚ I don’t have to watch his every move now, he’ll happily trot off down the garden for a snooze in his favourite spot, or entertain himself with sticks and a Kong (and the occasional flower pot!). Still loves lots of attention though πŸ˜€

The garden is tidy and the veg is growing well. I managed to pick just under 3lb of unripened cherries before the birds stole them all


I sowed four cucumber seeds, three died so I bought a few plants. They died too, so I’m only left with one. It’s growing really slowly, I’m not sure I’ll get any fruit. My raspberries haven’t produced anything either.

I have some lovely strawberries, and the plants have been busy sending out runners. I straightened(ish) out some paper clips then bent them in half to use as anchors until the new plants have rooted



strawberry runner

I haven’t crocheted anything – I almost did, then didn’t! I wanted to get the house and garden sorted properly then change our routine slightly. It’s working quite well, though it needs tweaking a bit. I’ve allowed plenty of time for yarn play πŸ˜€


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A Bit Of Crochet Settling Down

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