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Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve with my almost-four-year-old nephew was fabulous. We played Power Rangers (I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing so I just made things up), we were spies with Spiderman walkie talkies (this involved him going into another room and asking me what someone else was doing, while I was sitting in front on the spied-on person) and Playmobil pirates sailing across the coffee table on a raft. He walked around with a basket of crackers and made sure everyone had one to pull, and he helped me make drinks in the kitchen. I’d forgotten what it’s like to have an excited littlie in the house at Christmas and it was wonderful. But when everyone had gone home and I’d tidied up, I was exhausted and glad my kids are all grown up 😀

Christmas Day was lovely, we started opening presents at about 11am and carried on til about 4pm. We take it in turns to open, with everyone else watching and going ‘oooooh’ and ‘aaaah’ before Miss MB chooses who goes next (she’s always been the person in charge of the presents on Christmas Day). It can take up to 30 minutes to open one present each because we all have a good look at each thing. I think we managed two presents each – and our stockings, of course! – before stopping for lunch and it was almost two hours before we sat under the tree again.

Since then, two of us have gone back to work but every moment we’re all home, someone puts a film on, or makes mulled wine, or throws leftovers on plates, or gets the tin of chocs out.

I had some lovely things this year, want to see?





Oooooh what’s in here?




Scampi had great fun with his new toy, he ripped it to pieces in just 20 minutes


And he kept his hat on just long enough to take a photo



Sunday, 31st December 2017 at 12:48 pm 5 comments

Christmas Round Things

Round Things, because they’re too big to be called coasters and too small to be called placemats. To make a coaster, I really need cotton yarn. But all I have is acrylic DK, so that’s what I decided to use. But I liked it so made five more, they’re going to grace my coffee table. Then I decided I needed six for the kitchen table so I’ve made a start on them. I have a solution to the size issue – I just need to find somewhere that sells enormous wine glasses and they’ll fit perfectly 😀


Thursday, 7th December 2017 at 3:23 pm 2 comments

Waiting For Teal – Part 2

When ordering important things like yarn, remember to press the submit/confirm button after you’ve entered all your details. Because if you don’t, your order will not arrive, no matter how patiently you wait 😀

I need teal for ripply cushion covers


granny square cushion covers


the border for the Christmas ripple


and the granny square blanket


I’ve been through the order process again and clicked ALL the buttons, my yarn is on it’s way 😀

Saturday, 21st February 2015 at 11:59 am 3 comments

Waiting For Teal

Every year I decorate the house for Christmas mid-December then remember all the things I wanted to make but didn’t, because I don’t think about it early enough. So I made a list as I put the decorations away a couple of weeks ago. I made a start on a blanket and some baubles (or maybe it’s a garland, I haven’t decided yet) but had to stop because I ran out of Stylecraft Special DK in teal

Christmas squares

Christmas baubles

Remember this from last year? I didn’t get round to making new covers so I’m going to make a start this month. But I need teal


And I’ve started making a girlfriend for Sammy but have stopped because the next three rows need to be teal

New snake

I have ordered teal 😀

Thursday, 15th January 2015 at 8:00 pm 4 comments

Christmas 2014

We had family round on Christmas Eve, it was lovely to have a little person in the house again at Christmas, that hasn’t happened for a long time. My nephew is 10 months old and was toddling around stroking everything that was shiny 😀 I made him a hat but didn’t get a chance to measure his little head beforehand so was worried it wouldn’t fit, but it did. Trying to take a photo of him wearing it was impossible because he didn’t sit still! I took this a couple of days before, in very bad light


I wanted to post on Christmas Eve. I’d taken photos of various shiny things and had them ready to upload from my laptop. BUT then I remembered that top of my Christmas wish list was a new camera, one that would take much sharper photos than my phone and would zoom in without blurring. I need to work out the flash settings!





Kitchen tree

Jingle tree

Hall tree

Father Christmas


Sunday, 28th December 2014 at 12:02 pm 6 comments

Christmas Crochet

A little bit of brilliance from The Twisted Yarn 😀 These decorations are so quick and easy to make. I’m a bit miffed I didn’t think of it myself, lol

Here’s my candle. I don’t have any shiny pipe cleaners so I crocheted a flame instead. I think it’s missing a bit of sparkle though, so next time I’m in town I’ll pop to the craft shop. I don’t go into town often, the next visit will probably be mid-january. So I’ll have sparkly flames next Christmas 😀


Here’s my undecorated tree, I need to make another one – the yarn kept splitting so it’s a bit messy.  I’ll try to cover up the loopy bits with little beads 😀  It looks blue but it’s actually dark green.  I’m still using my phone to take photos but I’m hoping Father Christmas will bring me a nice new camera 😀


Saturday, 20th December 2014 at 2:31 pm 5 comments

At Last!

My wreath! I cheated 😀

I couldn’t crochet the whole thing – holly leaves, berries and baubles all looked OK until I put them together, then they transformed into a jumbled mess. I’m just not artistic enough *sigh*.  Never mind, it has a bit of shine and sparkle now and I’m quite pleased with it.


I was going to make a starry tree, with a few baubles. I put the baubles on first and liked it as it was. I made the stars into a little garland and hung it from my blackboard.


A little robin in his tinsel nest.


When I decorate for Christmas, I have a plan for what is going where. If I have leftovers, I can’t put them back in the box, they HAVE to go up somewhere. I can’t resist strings of shiny little balls (they must be red or green), if I see some in a shop I have to buy them. I have far too many so I hung them from the eight shelves in the kitchen, with crocheted decorations in the middle.


The tree.


I’m still getting used to this camera, it has so many settings and I have no idea what they all do. I just set it to ‘auto’ and hope for the best. I think my pictures are improving – slowly 😀

Saturday, 21st December 2013 at 3:07 pm 4 comments

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