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…. I can log in!!  I knew there were problems with WordPress and apparently I could’ve downloaded something to sort it out.  But I had no idea what to download so I left it.

Back later with pics.


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Broken camera?

My camera stopped working a while ago.  I turned it on, the lens wouldn’t open and it turned itself off.  I thought it was just the batteries so I swapped them, but still nothing.

I was searching on the internet for repair costs – my camera is only a cheapie and it costs more just for them to look at it (there’s always a minimum charge) than a new camera would cost!!  I was about to give up and buy a new one when I found this CAMERA REPAIR blog.  Solution 1a worked for me.

Now I just have to work out how to turn the flash off, lol.  It’s stuck on, and no amount of turning it off will stop it from working 😀

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No pictures

I want to post pictures.  Pictures of what I’m using during the Frugal Frump challenge – SEE HERE – pictures of the animals, the garden, the kitchen and most importantly, my crafts.  I had a camera which took great photos, but it died.  So I started using another camera which I couldn’t get on with at all, the photos were a bit blurry but I thought it’d do.  That one’s died too, gggrrrrr.  My daughter has a cheap camera from Argos, I was suprised at how well the photos turned out so I’ll buy one for myself.

I’ve found a local stationery supplier PROACTIVE BUSINESS SUPPLIES and I put my first order in on monday – a heavy duty stapler, so now I can get on with making matchbook notepads that are thicker than 15 pages.   They delivered on tuesday and included a free Nestle selection pack full of mini smarties, fruit pastilles, aeros and  milky bar buttons.  That’s me happy for a few days!

The painting is almost done.  Can’t wait to get back to normal, the house feels very cluttered at the moment.


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Red mites and clear drains

Horrible, itchy little things, mites!

We’ve managed to keep on top of the mite problem before.  But this year, they’ve beaten us.  We emptied the shed and sprayed it with Net-Tex Total Mite Kill, then dusted the girls with mite powder.  It seemed to have no affect at all.

So the wooden shed had to go.  For a few years, we’ve been saving Argos vouchers (OH has been given them at work, for good sales figures, etc) so we spent the lot on a plastic shed.  It was delivered this morning, can’t wait to assemble it.

Neighbour HAD rung the council, she just didn’t bother to let us know what was happening.  She seemed a bit embarassed, turns out it wasn’t our fault, or the other neighbour’s.  It was rubbish that had found it way down the storm drain on the road, then collected in the shared drain and blocked near her house.  Felt like saying ‘ner ner ner ner ner’.  But I didn’t, lol.

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Blocked drains

Yesterday was supposed to be productive.  We’d taken up a badly laid patio, and our neighbour J was coming round with a breaker to help us break up the concrete underneath.  When he opened his back door, he was met with sewage that had backed up and overflowed onto his path.  So we checked our manhole cover, it was full to the brim.  On the other side of us, S’s drain was full too.  And it absolutely STUNK.  S declared that the problem is tampons (how do they KNOW this?  You can’t see the blockage, the drains are full) and it can’t be their fault (no-one actually blamed them) because no-one in their house uses tampons.

We borrowed some drain rods and set to work, going in every direction.  All clear, except for S’s side.  We explained that they’d have to arrange for someone to come out and sort it because the blockage wouldn’t shift.  “Why me?” – Well it’s in your garden, I don’t think they’ll accept a neighbour ringing.  Their house is owned by the council, so if they’re lucky, they’ll get it done for free.  If not, then we said we’d split the cost.  They said they’d ring first thing this morning then let me know.  It’s 11am and I’ve heard nothing from them.

I can’t run the washing machine, empty the sink, etc.  (Bet S is though, apparently there’s no problem because their toilet still flushes.  Doh).   All the water will make J’s problem worse.  I’ve stored the washing up water in old milk cartons til the problem is sorted.  Which should be today, if S actually gets round to making the phone call.  If I’ve not heard by 4pm, I’m ring Environmental Health.

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New egg-layers, new job

The new girls are both laying eggs, though Rocky has taken to escaping and laying in the front garden.  She always comes back once she’s done her duty.  We’ve had to put extra netting up to keep her in, hopefully once she’s found a new spot and is happy with it, the netting can come down – it’s really ugly, lol.

I started a new job at STROUD CARPETS, the bosses (husband and wife) are fab.  OH works there too – he started 3 weeks ago.  We have completey different jobs so shouldn’t annoy each other too much!

The veg is growing well, the fruit bushes have plenty of flowers and we’ve just picked more rhubarb.  We’ve promised the neighbours a rhubarb crumble, will probably make that tomorrow.

Here’s the view from work –


Saturday, 30th April 2011 at 4:01 pm 2 comments

Online shopping

I’ve come across two great items for sale this week.

First, THIS ONE on Amazon.  100% true, and I think it’s the greatest book never written.  Read the fantastic reviews.

Second, THIS ONE on ebay.  The description is fab, the updates are even fabber.  The questions are hilarious!

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