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I’ve finally sorted through my cards. I had some “What was I thinking when I designed THAT?!” moments and threw quite a few away 😀 I’ve repacked them into new cello bags, they look so neat! When I’ve found somewhere to sell them, I’ll get the stands out of the loft and arrange them (then rearrange them fifteen times!) prettily.  Below is a small selection.

Card selection

A couple of years ago, I asked the owner of a new farm shop if she’d be willing to sell my cards on a sale or return basis. She said yes! We agreed on a 50/50 split. I showed her some baskets and asked which size she’d like. She picked one and I filled it. Happy days!! Sales were slow to start with, but she soon had regular customers who loved buying locally grown food and started buying my cards too. I said I could bring in a small wooden card stand and would paint it to suit her shop. She decided she wanted a huge stand with cupboards underneath, so she could refill the shelves as they sold. Now, I take my time when designing a new card, spending hours getting it just right. I won’t buy any old tat and stick things on with rubbish glue. I spent weeks finding a supplier who uses good quality card and envelopes (I’ve come across lots of flimsy card, and envelopes that just will not stick). I am FUSSY. But – I’m still a very small business, working from home. Hallmark I am not. Sale or return is risky for me and great for the retailer. There’s no way I can afford to have large amounts of stock sat in a cupboard – even if it is my cupboard – in someone else’s shop. So that was the end of that.


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More toys

I’ve bought a WIRE BINDER and I’ve had great fun playing with it.  It took me a while to get used to it – my first attempt produced a wonky notebook – but I’ve since attempted three calendars and they’re all perfectly straight!  I’m waiting for a stationery delivery so in the meantime I’ll make mini notepads with the new stapler.

My cards were in a shop a while ago, the owner retired and closed the shop so I brought home the ones that didn’t sell.  They’d used a pricing gun on the cello bags and ripped the price stickers off quickly, they’ve all been left with a sticky patch on them.  I wish they’d left them on, the stickers will come off cleanly if you remove them slowly.  I hope WD40 will clean them up, if not then I’ll have to re-package them all *sigh*.


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I KNOW it’s only June 😀  But I have to get to work on Christmas crafts now or I won’t have enough to sell at the beginning of November.  I’m making cards, gift tags, tree decorations and kid’s notepads (for stocking fillers).  I’d like to do kits of make-your-own decorations for kids, but I can’t find supplies at a decent price.  I’ll keep searching.

I bought a guillotine a few days ago.  It’s great, I’m very speedy at making notepads now!  I still use the paper trimmer, it’s better for cutting notepad covers.

We’ve got a new perch for the chickens (well, an old piece of timber, lol).  Some were elated and jumped right on, others tried it and didn’t like it, a couple seemed terrified and wouldn’t go near it.

The hand lawnmower cuts better than our old lawnmowers, one was electric and one was petrol.  It’s so quick and easy, we now argue over who’s going to cut the grass.

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