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Little Stars

I’ve just been making some of these, they’re so quick and easy. I want to make garlands so I’ll spend the next couple of days starry-eyed 😀

I’ve been fiddling with yarn for days, trying to create my own star. I thought I’d done it, then decided to improve it, got more frustrated with each attempt and each one got flung to one side while I muttered lots of swear words.

I already have some perfect stars, made with Attic24’s pattern. But I wanted my own too. They’re not exactly what you’d call artistic, I think cute and loopy describes them better 😀


Round one

5 dc into a magic ring, join with a sl st

Round two
2 dc into each stitch, join with a sl st

Round three
ch 3, sl st into the second ch from hook, ch 1, sl st into the next 2 stitches. Repeat four times, but when you finish the fifth point you only need to sl st once. Fasten off.

Make as many as you can and hang from every available tree branch, shelf, hook, curtain rail, door handle………….. 😀


Saturday, 7th December 2013 at 11:28 am 2 comments

I Forgot About These

I made some salt dough and used small Christmas cookie cutters to make decorations. I was worried that they’d crumble after a while so I stored them away, intending to check them after a few months to check they were still OK, and promptly forgot about them. I’ve just found them – at least three years later! – and I’m pleased to report that they’re still in one piece. I even bounced a couple on the kitchen worktop to check they wouldn’t shatter 😀



It’s just a standard salt dough recipe –

280g salt

375g flour

300ml warm water

Mix together and roll out on a floured surface, cut them out with cookie cookers (or freehand if you’re neat, which I’m not!).

I straightened out some paper clips, dipped them in cooking oil and pushed them through the shapes. Leave them in until the dough has completely dried. You can leave them to dry out naturally or put them in a low oven for a couple of hours. Tree decorations are usually threaded front to back, but that makes them hang sideways. Make the holes from left to right and they’ll hang perfectly.


Now, shall I paint them or cover them in glitter? 😀

Wednesday, 4th December 2013 at 10:17 am 1 comment

More toys

I’ve bought a WIRE BINDER and I’ve had great fun playing with it.  It took me a while to get used to it – my first attempt produced a wonky notebook – but I’ve since attempted three calendars and they’re all perfectly straight!  I’m waiting for a stationery delivery so in the meantime I’ll make mini notepads with the new stapler.

My cards were in a shop a while ago, the owner retired and closed the shop so I brought home the ones that didn’t sell.  They’d used a pricing gun on the cello bags and ripped the price stickers off quickly, they’ve all been left with a sticky patch on them.  I wish they’d left them on, the stickers will come off cleanly if you remove them slowly.  I hope WD40 will clean them up, if not then I’ll have to re-package them all *sigh*.


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No pictures

I want to post pictures.  Pictures of what I’m using during the Frugal Frump challenge – SEE HERE – pictures of the animals, the garden, the kitchen and most importantly, my crafts.  I had a camera which took great photos, but it died.  So I started using another camera which I couldn’t get on with at all, the photos were a bit blurry but I thought it’d do.  That one’s died too, gggrrrrr.  My daughter has a cheap camera from Argos, I was suprised at how well the photos turned out so I’ll buy one for myself.

I’ve found a local stationery supplier PROACTIVE BUSINESS SUPPLIES and I put my first order in on monday – a heavy duty stapler, so now I can get on with making matchbook notepads that are thicker than 15 pages.   They delivered on tuesday and included a free Nestle selection pack full of mini smarties, fruit pastilles, aeros and  milky bar buttons.  That’s me happy for a few days!

The painting is almost done.  Can’t wait to get back to normal, the house feels very cluttered at the moment.


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Can’t keep up………

………….with anything 😀

There’s too many eggs and too much veg!  We’ve sold some of the eggs and frozen some veg but there’s so much of them.  Course, if a certain someone didn’t keep buying rubbish processed food, I’d have more freezer space 😉

We’ve started painting the hall, stairs and landing.  I say we, what I mean is I’ve done a bit and he’s done a lot, lol.  The watered-down first coat is on, we he can get on with the ‘proper’ coats now.  He’s also been painting the woodwork, that was a pain because the stain kept seeping through the new white paint, even with primer on.

We were both off work last week.  We visited Fairford (to watch the planes fly out), Axminster, West Bay and Weston-Super-Mare.

I’ve still been looking after me, though it was a bit rushed because we were out so much.  I treated myself to some new make-up, and bought a 200ml tub of Morrison’s shea butter (£2.99) – it’s wonderful for feet.

When the work is finished on the house, I can get back to crafting.  I’ve hidden it all away for now, dust and paint splashes are NOT going to ruin my work.



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I KNOW it’s only June 😀  But I have to get to work on Christmas crafts now or I won’t have enough to sell at the beginning of November.  I’m making cards, gift tags, tree decorations and kid’s notepads (for stocking fillers).  I’d like to do kits of make-your-own decorations for kids, but I can’t find supplies at a decent price.  I’ll keep searching.

I bought a guillotine a few days ago.  It’s great, I’m very speedy at making notepads now!  I still use the paper trimmer, it’s better for cutting notepad covers.

We’ve got a new perch for the chickens (well, an old piece of timber, lol).  Some were elated and jumped right on, others tried it and didn’t like it, a couple seemed terrified and wouldn’t go near it.

The hand lawnmower cuts better than our old lawnmowers, one was electric and one was petrol.  It’s so quick and easy, we now argue over who’s going to cut the grass.

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Weeds everywhere….

I worked full time last week.  After work I only had time to bung some washing in, clean out the guinea pigs and chickens, eat, shower then go to bed.  The garden was watered but not weeded – you should see the state of it.  I’ve just been out and pulled some weeds up.  I filled two buckets (the chickens appreciated them!) but it looks like I’ve hardly touched it.

Our new lawnmower has just arrived, it’s a Qualcast Panther 380.  That’ll save a bit on the electric bill.

I’m still playing around with my notepads, just when I think I’ve got it right I change something, lol.  I’m almost there.

I’ve discovered that my sewing machine has more than one use – if you take the thread and bobbin out, it’s great for perforating paper.

RIP Boris Pig xxx

Every few months, his digestive system would shut down.  The vet would give him something to kick-start it and I’d have to feed him with a syringe for a few days.  It happened again last week, he had his usual visit to the vet and I took him to work so I could give him food and water regularly.  But it must have been too much for him to cope with this time.  He’s buried near the cherry tree.

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