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New Windows

I have new windows! The old ones were awful, the seal on the double glazing had broken (blown? split?) on a few of them so they’d misted slightly.  I was too scared to open one of them in case I couldn’t close it again.  And they opened in instead of out, so we couldn’t hang net curtains or blinds and I was fed up with people staring in as they walked past the house.  We’ve been slowly having them all replaced – save a bit of money, buy two windows from our Man That Can, repeat every few months until they’re all done. I can’t remember how long this has been going on, it feels like forever! But they’re all done now. Here’s a photo of our lounge window, extremely boring for you but exciting for me 😀 Please ignore the embarrassing, crumbling, ugly concrete windowsill, we’re going to do something with it, not sure what yet!


I was racing around on monday, trying to make room for Man That Can to work and wondering which window he was going to fit first. I don’t have a lot of spare space so I’d have to shift most things around while he was working. On tuesday morning I was up and ready at 8am, an hour later I was wondering why he hadn’t turned up. I looked at the calendar to check something else and realised I was a day early 😀 I was a bit annoyed (with myself) but then it dawned on me – I have an unexpected day off! I made more squares for two of my blankets and my wristwarmers are almost finished. I’ve made them a bit short so I’ll add a couple of rows of trebles.



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No pictures

I want to post pictures.  Pictures of what I’m using during the Frugal Frump challenge – SEE HERE – pictures of the animals, the garden, the kitchen and most importantly, my crafts.  I had a camera which took great photos, but it died.  So I started using another camera which I couldn’t get on with at all, the photos were a bit blurry but I thought it’d do.  That one’s died too, gggrrrrr.  My daughter has a cheap camera from Argos, I was suprised at how well the photos turned out so I’ll buy one for myself.

I’ve found a local stationery supplier PROACTIVE BUSINESS SUPPLIES and I put my first order in on monday – a heavy duty stapler, so now I can get on with making matchbook notepads that are thicker than 15 pages.   They delivered on tuesday and included a free Nestle selection pack full of mini smarties, fruit pastilles, aeros and  milky bar buttons.  That’s me happy for a few days!

The painting is almost done.  Can’t wait to get back to normal, the house feels very cluttered at the moment.


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Can’t keep up………

………….with anything 😀

There’s too many eggs and too much veg!  We’ve sold some of the eggs and frozen some veg but there’s so much of them.  Course, if a certain someone didn’t keep buying rubbish processed food, I’d have more freezer space 😉

We’ve started painting the hall, stairs and landing.  I say we, what I mean is I’ve done a bit and he’s done a lot, lol.  The watered-down first coat is on, we he can get on with the ‘proper’ coats now.  He’s also been painting the woodwork, that was a pain because the stain kept seeping through the new white paint, even with primer on.

We were both off work last week.  We visited Fairford (to watch the planes fly out), Axminster, West Bay and Weston-Super-Mare.

I’ve still been looking after me, though it was a bit rushed because we were out so much.  I treated myself to some new make-up, and bought a 200ml tub of Morrison’s shea butter (£2.99) – it’s wonderful for feet.

When the work is finished on the house, I can get back to crafting.  I’ve hidden it all away for now, dust and paint splashes are NOT going to ruin my work.



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Almost there………..

I’ve got all sorts of bits and pieces to put on the kitchen shelves.  I can’t decide where to put what, and when I eventually do, I’ll probably rearrange them about 50 times……..

When we planned the kitchen, we had a 600mm wide oven.  After we bought the units, we bought a range cooker (fantastic planning, don’t you think?!).  One of the units was now way too big for the remaining space (thank you Ikea, for your 90 day return policy if you change your mind), which is too small for even the narrowest  unit.  So I thought – shelves with skinny baskets.  I searched and searched and finally found the baskets in Trago Mills yesterday, 16cm wide which is the perfect size.  Just need to build the shelf unit now.  When I find the camera batteries, I’ll post some pics.

Fudge Chick has adapted really well to only having one eye, she was quiet for a while and kept away from the other girls most of the time – I think she was scared of getting hurt in the rush for corn, etc – but now she’s running around with them again and has reclaimed her place in the pecking order.

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Happy Birthday to me!

40 today!

I had some great pressies – money, lots of chocolate, shower scrubs, face masks, wine, body butter, gardening gloves and a kneeling pad.

I’m having the afternoon off!

The carpet is down in the kitchen and a couple of the shelves are up.  We’ve moved the sink slightly, it didn’t quite sit right before.  Tomorrow I’ll put some shelves up in the kitchen and paint them.  Then I can move most of the mess that’s cluttering up corners of other rooms.

Edited –

Just had another pressie, I’ll post a pic later.  I’m drinking coffee out of it at the moment!

Here we go –


Back of mug – bit blurry, sorry!

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Getting there – a bit faster

The walls are painted, but the shelves still aren’t up.  Son said he’d do it, but the wood is still leaning against the wall in the hall.

The carpets are being fitted in the lounge and kitchen tomorrow, so I’ll be moving everything today.  Not sure where I’m going to put it all though………..

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Getting there slowly

The kitchen is making progress!

One of the walls has two recesses.  One of them was a floor to ceiling larder cupboard, the other was bricked up and had units in front of it.  We discovered the second completely by accident, when we were removing the render.  Who bricks up a space like that then puts cupboards in front of it?  Madness.  We bought extra doors and built units in each recess then put worktop on.  I must admit, I’ll really miss having a larder but we’ve ended up with a bigger kitchen (without having to extend) and more storage space.

Tonight we’ll be putting shelves up, the painting will be done by the weekend and I can finally move the cookery books, scales and other bits out of the lounge – can’t wait!


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