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The Dentist

I was going to do a couple of posts in the run up to Christmas, there were going to be just a few words and lots of photos. I was organised, nothing was rushed, I was very proud of myself for having Christmas planned properly and I was going to brag about it! But I’ve had a few visits to the dentist lately and just the thought of an upcoming appointment turns me into a nervous wreck and I can’t concentrate on anything else. The last appointment was yesterday (22nd December) and I’m sooooo pleased this treatment plan is over.

I’d like to point out that my dentist is fabulous – he’s patient and gentle and speaks with a calming voice. He makes it clear that just because I’m lying in that chair and he’s hovering over me, it doesn’t mean he’s the boss. They’re MY teeth and I’m the boss of them! Lovely man. It’s dentistry I’m scared of, not the dentist himself.

So there I was, lying in that chair. I didn’t take my coat off, I needed to be ready to run out of the door immediately if I had to, lol. My head was screaming at me to get up and go, the little bit of logic I had left was telling me I’d be fine. So I stayed, while having a silent argument with myself. The good thing about arguing with yourself is that you always win.

I felt nothing but hated every second of it. The dentist and nurse were fab and I told them so, about ten times each! I walked out of there feeling great, with a smile I’m finally happy with. Mr MB and Scampi were walking somewhere nearby, I tried to ring to say I was ready to go home but there was no signal. So I walked through Tetbury (slowly – if I walk too fast will my pulse go up and make my mouth bleed?) to track them down thinking ‘look at me, with lovely teeth, ambling through a pretty Cotswold town at Christmas’ while trying to ignore the fact that I was completely numb from halfway down my nose to the top half of my mouth, my bottom lip was partly numb, and I kept drooling.

Bet you’re glad there’s no photos 😀



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January’s Happy Things

I wanted to see if it was possible to make a rectangle starting with a magic ring. Yes it is!



Yarn ends. I don’t like to throw them away (no I don’t know why), so I’ve saved them and put them in the garden. I’m hoping birds will use them for their nests 😀


Daffodils are BOGOF in Morrison’s this week so I picked up four bunches. They’re in a jug, waiting for me to sort out a couple of small vases.


A new coffee grinder.


I’ve started the final round of dental treatment. My dentist is great, my hygenist is great. But I really hate going, even though I know I’m not going to feel any pain whatsoever. The worst has been done so I’m looking forward to the final couple of appointments – even though I don’t want to go. Don’t worry, there is no photo for this 😀

Saturday, 1st February 2014 at 11:40 am 3 comments

Busy Couple Of Weeks

Our last – and my favourite – guinea pig has died. RIP Timmy 😦


I’ve had a dentist appointment, two teeth out and a filling, hated that but the upside was the gas and air 😀

I’ve waited in for three postal deliveries plus had some new windows delivered (to be fitted this weekend). We had a relaxing drink in a country pub with friends, then went out again – more drinks, same pub, different friends. And a christening, which was lovely.

I lost my crochet mojo! I kept missing stitches on my baby blanket, and mis-counting when I made chains. I picked up my wreath and a hook yesterday, my brain seems to be back in gear so I’ll attempt more leaves today and hope they turn out OK……….

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A Few Lazy Days

We’re off on holiday on Friday. My brain is already starting to switch off!

The last few days have been great. I went to Morrison’s on Friday morning, when I got home the house was nice and tidy, Miss MB had done the housework. I had nothing to do except eat pizza, catch up on my recorded programs and crochet. Bliss.

We were at a wedding on Saturday. I was looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time – our friends had been through the mill and this is definitely a new start for them, so it was great to see them so happy. But I’m useless in big crowds and needed to escape every hour or so for some peace and quiet. I picked my disappearances carefully – I wouldn’t have tried to sneak out during the speeches!

Wedding cake

I need to learn how to be a bit more girly. I was wearing heels at the wedding (not very high because I can’t walk in them!), there was a gravel path which made me wobble so I decided to walk on the grass. Three steps later, my heel got stuck in the ground and I left my shoe behind, lol. Once seated at the table, the shoes came off.

Sunday was a lazy day – my favourite kind! I pottered about the house and garden, just doing what I felt like and nothing else. Most of the day was spent on the sofa.

There’s a problem with the drain in the road, it’s being sorted today thankfully. But for the last few days, the neighbours and us have been having super-fast showers, using the washing machine as little as possible and leaving dirty dishes a bit longer than usual because the drain is now full. Two of us have water bubbling out of the drain covers in the gardens. Mondays are usually busy, I like to get piles of washing done and clean everything. But no matter how much I cleaned and tidied, the piles of laundry and and sinkful of washing up made the whole place look untidy. So I gave up, sat down, read blogs and crocheted.

Yesterday morning I went out for coffee and cake, the afternoon was spent reading blogs.

I’m definitely in holiday mode now, I don’t want to do anything. But I need to get some washing done and the most important thing – sort out and pack yarn and hooks 😀

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More Happy Things

Coffee#1 Latte and welsh cakes


Ripples It was far too hot during summer to sit with a blanket on my lap, so I didn’t get much done. Cooler weather means speedier crochet!  I’m going to use the stopwatch on my phone, to see how long it takes me to crochet one row.  Then I can work out how long it takes me to make a blanket.  When I started a new ball of dark blue, I put a safety pin into the end of the row.  When the ball runs out, I’ll count how many rows it’s done (I’m guessing six or seven) then I can work out the cost of the blanket – I may regret this!

Ripple 5'

Stars The pattern is from Attic24.  I’ve bought some sequins and small beads, and cut some twigs from my willow tree.  I’m hoping to make a twinkly star tree for Christmas, hope it works!


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Happy Things

A box

Mr MB came home with a wooden box, I had a quick glance and thought I’d sand and paint it and find a use for it. It’s thin, rough-sawn pine, nothing special. Til I turned it round and saw it had writing on it 😀 It’s not a fabulous old, battered, chunky wooden box but that writing Made It Special.

Wine box

A chocolate scented candle

Choc candle

Christmas crafts magazine

Craft mag

Yarn delivery

Box of yarn

Chocolate Buttons


And THIS! Apache Tears Cushion. I was going to post one of the photos and make it clickable so you could go straight to the blog, but I’m not sure if that’s the done thing in blogland. I felt like I was stealing the picture! I love crocheted cushion covers and will definitely be making one of these.

Saturday, 14th September 2013 at 11:49 am 2 comments


I went shopping. Not for groceries or clothes or any other essentials. I had A Day Out, specifically for browsing gift shops, drinking coffee and enjoying a couple of Bacardis in a pub courtyard.

I stuck to shabby chic shops, left my debit card at home and took a limited amount of cash. I cannot be trusted in these type of shops, though I’m sure the owners would’ve been extremely happy if I’d been let off my self-inflicted lead, lol!

Pretty Little Things Gifts and lovely shabby furniture.

StanMan’s Kitchen A fab cafe/deli/gift shop.

My absolute favourite-

Chez Rose Unfortunately they don’t post very often, I wonder if they’ve decided to concentrate on their website instead, it’s under construction at the moment. I was looking for a pinboard, or was maybe going to make one, but I spotted this and had to have it.


I still need a pinboard though, and now need to find somewhere to hang one because the blackboard will be taking it’s intended space on the kitchen wall 😀

The New Inn courtyard, perfect for a Bacardi (or two…..ahem) on a sunny day. I would’ve liked to have shown more of the area – this doesn’t show much at all really! – but there were children around and I didn’t want to capture them, specially as I wanted to put the pic on the internet.


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