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I hate shopping. I go into town four times per year at the most, usually I manage to go only twice – once for Christmas things and once to pick up the whole year’s birthday presents in one trip. Anything I can’t find gets ordered online, though I do prefer to buy in person when it’s gift. I write a list then sort the items into the shops I have to visit, then plan the trip so I go in a circle then jump back on the bus to go home. I’m married to someone who likes to criss-cross backwards and forwards across town numerous times, making shopping an all day event. I try to avoid going to town with him 😀

But I need to learn to amble a little bit. I managed it yesterday and when I was halfway through my shopping, I strayed from my planned-with-military-precision list. I found a fab yarn shop, it’s been there for seven years and I’ve only just found it. I’ve just checked google maps, it’s exactly two miles from my house if I walk (2.8 miles by car, because of our silly road system). How did I not know about this place?! They have knit and natter sessions, I was told it’s not just for knitting, there are crocheters too and even a couple of people who don’t do anything, they come along to drink tea and just chat. And they stock Stylecraft yarn. MIJU Wools now have a new customer.

And just around the corner, I found Gloucestershire Arts and Crafts Centre  I didn’t go in because I didn’t have time, but it’s on my list for next time.

I wonder what else I’m missing out on?

Must learn to amble.


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Small Businesses

People create because they just love to, but if it’s possible to make an income out of it too then even better. I love it when someone’s pastime/hobby/interest is turned into a small business. Sometimes accidentally 😀 Family and friends see your items and offer X amount “if you’ll just make a small one for me – no rush, whenever you’ve got time”. Before you know it, you’ve got regular orders coming in.

A lot of planning, thought and time goes into handmade items and that’s what makes them special. Here’s a list of my favourite small businesses.

Sue Green Artwork

I paint quality watercolour portraits of your loved pets which make a unique and personalised gift. I work from clear photographs so that I can achieve a good likeness and capture your pets individual characters. Other commissions also undertaken.

Find Sue on Facebook

Sue’s website

Crochet Queen

My name is Sue and I have been crocheting since I was 7. If you would like me to make you something then please contact me and we can have a chat.

Find Crochet Queen on Facebook

Pink Rhino Gifts

Made to order, personalised crafts and cards. A keepsake gift to cherish. Make someone smile with a gift that’s unique to them.

Find Pink Rhino Gifts on Facebook

Clover Leaf

Clover Leaf has been crafting and creating various greeting cards and wedding stationery for at least 7 years. Each card is made with care and attention to detail and aim to offer you a first class service at all times. Small business situated in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Find Clover Leaf on Facebook

Bluestocking Wool & Gifts

We stock a range of yarns for all budgets, including brands such as Rowan, Adriafil, Artesano, Sirdar, King Cole and Stylecraft, plus lots of quality sticks, hooks and other accessories. No need to shop online for beautiful wool – you can see it, stroke it and squish it before you buy here!

Find Bluestocking Wool & Gifts on Facebook

Bluestocking Wool & Gifts website

PDS Arts

This is the place to stock up on great quality and great value card, envelopes and cello bags for your card-making.

PDS Arts website  TEMPORARILY CLOSED WHILST THEY ARE MOVING. Bookmark it though, their supplies are very good quality.

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I went shopping. Not for groceries or clothes or any other essentials. I had A Day Out, specifically for browsing gift shops, drinking coffee and enjoying a couple of Bacardis in a pub courtyard.

I stuck to shabby chic shops, left my debit card at home and took a limited amount of cash. I cannot be trusted in these type of shops, though I’m sure the owners would’ve been extremely happy if I’d been let off my self-inflicted lead, lol!

Pretty Little Things Gifts and lovely shabby furniture.

StanMan’s Kitchen A fab cafe/deli/gift shop.

My absolute favourite-

Chez Rose Unfortunately they don’t post very often, I wonder if they’ve decided to concentrate on their website instead, it’s under construction at the moment. I was looking for a pinboard, or was maybe going to make one, but I spotted this and had to have it.


I still need a pinboard though, and now need to find somewhere to hang one because the blackboard will be taking it’s intended space on the kitchen wall 😀

The New Inn courtyard, perfect for a Bacardi (or two…..ahem) on a sunny day. I would’ve liked to have shown more of the area – this doesn’t show much at all really! – but there were children around and I didn’t want to capture them, specially as I wanted to put the pic on the internet.


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Too hot…..

….. to do anything 😀

I’ve spent the past few days either lounging about or asleep!  I’ve done the have-to’s – keeping the animals clean, fed and watered but that’s about it.  Oh, and we nipped out for half an hour to pick the remaining elderflowers, they’re brewing now.

A couple of bottles of elderflower champagne exploded in the shed the other day.

I applied for a Booker’s cash and carry card last week, we visited on friday.  Some things work out really cheap, others are cheaper to buy in Morrison’s.  I was sensible, Mr MB was not!  Here’s his purchases –

All chickens are now happy with their new perch.  Actually when they all tried to get on, we realised it wasn’t long enough so we built them an extension.


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