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Donna Kebab

No, that’s not a typo. We have a new chicken, she came from the local kebab shop πŸ˜€

The owner of the shop lives in the flat above and has a large garden out the back, where he keeps and breeds racing pigeons. He bought some hens eggs from the farm shop, they have cockerels as well as hens. A couple of pigeons had laid eggs and he wondered if any of the eggs he’d bought were fertilised, so he popped one under a pigeon. To his surprise it hatched – he wasn’t really expecting it to – and thought the pigeon was her mummy πŸ˜€ She behaved like a pigeon, he fixed a perch about 10” from the floor but it wouldn’t use it, prefering to be high up with the others.

When she was 12 weeks old, he started thinking she’d be better off amongst her own kind. She seemed happy but maybe she’d be happier with other chickens, though he was going to keep her if he couldn’t find someone he was happy with. Mr MB went out for a kebab, the conversation started with ‘I haven’t seen you for ages, do you still keep chickens, you’ll never guess what happened when I bought some eggs……’ and three days later I had a new girl πŸ˜€ I mentioned on a forum that I had no idea what to call her, someone suggested Donna and I thought it was perfect πŸ˜€

It’s been ten months since my last post – TEN MONTHS! I didn’t intend for it be that long, things just seem to take over. My camera is full of photos, they were taken ages ago and I can’t even remember what’s on there now. Just when I think I’ve got Scampi Dog sussed, something else frightens him and I have to adjust the training/timings a bit to keep him calm and relaxed when we’re out and about. I’m sure he does it on purpose to keep me on my toes, lol.

I adopted six chickens from a friend who had to travel a lot, so I’m back up to twelve girls. They’ve been confined to a tiny run for almost three months because of bird flu (DEFRA rules for everyone with birds), but were allowed back out at the end of february and have been enjoying their freedom for the past week.

We’ve been doing some DIY so the house has been a mess for a while, I have a frozen shoulder so have been quite useless throughout the whole thing. I can’t crochet at the moment, not that it makes a difference because my yarn mountain is currently buried under books, lamps, etc so I can’t get to it anyway!

I’m going to go through the photos on my camera in the next couple of days, be prepared for many pics with no words – I probably won’t remember where they were taken and why πŸ˜€


Monday, 6th March 2017 at 6:53 am 3 comments


So far, we have spindly broad beans – I’ve moved them into the greenhouse where they’re starting to look a bit more sturdy


Spindly tomatoes, they were struggling to get enough daylight so they’re now under artificial lights


Endless chilli plants – these are Mr MB’s new obsession project, I know nothing about them at all and don’t get involved!


Chitting potatoes


Parsley, chives and basil


Good old mustard and cress!


We’ve re-used old plastic spoons, cocktail sticks and duct tape (OK – the tape was new!) as labels



The bird table was blown over in the wind and the roof got broken. We carried on using it as it is, somehow three of the chickens managed to squeeze on there at once and steal the bird food. One liked it so much she used it instead of her nesting box πŸ˜€



Wednesday, 18th March 2015 at 5:23 pm 4 comments

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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I’ve been on holiday to Mevagissey. I packed all sorts of clothes because I had no idea what to expect weather-wise – it was like summer! I wore a jumper twice, the rest of the time I was in floaty shirts. We did our usual thing – trying to visit as many places as possible even though we’ve seen it all before πŸ˜€ I took lots of photos but won’t put them all on here, you’ll get bored, lol.

The Eden Project


Bananas growing in the Rainforest Biome


A much-needed cool room!


The Mediterranean Biome


Tables in beach huts in Talland Bay


Mevagissey Harbour


A flower-filled boat in Polperro. I was annoyed with this photo – I had the boat perfectly in the middle then two people decided to stand next to it. They saw me (and a couple of other people) trying to take a photo, instead of moving away – that’s what normal people do, right? – they moved closer. Just to be annoyingly annoying


Pots on the harbour. I love seeing these πŸ˜€


Caerhays beach


I haven’t checked emails or read all of my favourite blogs yet.Β  I’m saving that for tomorrow so I can read in peace πŸ˜€

Monday, 6th October 2014 at 3:43 pm 6 comments

New Chickens

We have new chickens! We planned on getting two, so we drove to Malvern to visit Newland Poultry.Β  We found this little man looking after them, unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take him home πŸ˜€


There were lots of Seramas running around, look how tiny they are! I can definitely see some of these running around my garden soon πŸ˜€



We chose a Lavender Orpington and a French Wheaten Maran. But there were bantams too so we bought two – Mr MB has wanted bantams for ages and as soon as I saw them, I had to have them too πŸ˜€ A Chocolate Pekin and a Lemon Pekin. They’re all sixteen weeks old.

We’ve only had them for two days so don’t know their personalities yet. But at the moment, Little Miss Lemon is very shy and quiet


Little Miss Chocolate is chatty and is going to be trouble πŸ˜€ She was the first to explore, has perched on the washing line, jumped up onto the kitchen worktop and sat on the windowsill, and leaps about among (and in) the plant pots


Miss Wheaten seems to be scared of noises. She was happily scratching on the grass when she heard one of the older girls squawk and she ran for the bushes. She did the same with a car horn and a gate closing, lol


Miss Lavender is a bit nervous but getting used to us quickly


We have to keep them seperate from the older girls for a few days, so they’re just meeting each other through the fence at the moment. I’m not sure I can keep them seperate for long – the Wheaten and the Lemon have already jumped onto the fence and up the willow tree that’s in the chicken run πŸ˜€


Sunday, 24th August 2014 at 7:09 am 6 comments

Just In Time

My neck is aching from spending hours looking down (I can’t turn my head to the left at the moment!) but I’ve managed to finish dad’s blanket with just a couple of hours to spare. Thanks for the lovely comments about this blanket on my last post xx

My squares are neat and untwisty until I do the joining round, then they twist. Why do they do that? It’s not because of the size, it happens no matter what size I make them – neatness, until I join. At least they’ve all twisted evenly πŸ˜€ Here’s the blanket yesterday morning, just after I’d done two rounds of the border then ripped them out because I decided it needed to be five squares wide, not four


I was crocheting the final round of the border at 7am this morning (I now have pins and needles!), here it is half an hour later.Β  The light’s not great at the moment but I couldn’t wait to take a photo!Β  I’m not sure about the size, it’s 46″ x 36″ so it’ll be ideal for a lap blanket.Β  If he’d prefer it a bit bigger I’ll bring it back home with me and work on it.Β  Slowly πŸ˜€


The edges look a bit ruffled, I promise they’re not πŸ˜€


I’m taking dad to the pub after I’ve been to his house.Β  Because I need a drink πŸ˜€

I can now eat and sleep, and I should probably catch up with the washing, hoovering, dusting, gardening…….

Sunday, 4th May 2014 at 8:11 am 12 comments

A Crafter’s Story

This has been going round Facebook for a while. The story stays the same, but depending on what the poster’s hobby/business is, the craft changes. I have no idea who originally wrote it but I love it!

A lady wanted to purchase a beautiful hand crocheted dress and spotted a crafter who did absolutely amazing work, but she charged a good price too.

The lady thought that her price was way too high so she approached the crocheter and in quite a brusk fashion stated “I want to buy a dress from you, but I think you charge too much.” The crafter was a little taken aback but replied “Ok, how much do you think I should charge?” The lady replied β€œI think you should charge β€œX” much, because the yarn will cost this much, and ribbons this much, and buttons this much. I even factored in the price of scissors.”

The final price the lady had calculated was a lot cheaper than the crafter’s original price, but she said “Ok, deal. You will get your dress in a week”.

The customer is very pleased with herself and can’t resist telling all her friends what a fabulous deal she has negotiated and how smart she is, and that in a week she will have her gorgeous crocheted dress.

A week later her parcel arrives in a lovely packaged box. She opens it and inside is yarn, ribbons, buttons and even scissors.

Angrily she contacts the crafter asking β€œHow could you do this to me? I asked you for a dress and you sent me a box of yarn, ribbon, buttons and scissors?!”

The crafter replies “My dear, you got exactly what you paid for, if you think there is something missing, you need to pay for it.”

Moral of the story, when you buy handmade you are not just buying the materials you are buying the crafter’s, time, effort, love and dedication that goes into making your items.

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