I’m still waiting for extra electrical sockets to be added to my room. Perfectly happy to wait (well maybe not perfectly happy, more it’s a freebie so I don’t mind too much) but the thing I worried about is starting to happen – things are starting to appear in there – “I’ll just put this in the spare room for now”. It’s not a spare room, it’s my room and actually it’s not a room, it’s a beach hut! I’ve started sneaking things out of there and putting them where they belong – most things need to go back to the shed, where they already have a home. I think Mr MB sees it as an extension to the shed, I really need to change his view on that!

So I’ve just been pottering about for the past few weeks, picking up crafty things and putting them back down again, not really knowing what to do with them because they’re not in any sort of order – they’ve been piled up ready to move upstairs so instead of looking and choosing, I’ve had to dig through it all and it’s hard work, lol.

We’ve had fun in the snow. Scampi was having fun, I promise – he stopped and posed for this photo! The chickens insisted on trying to get to their buried feeders, even though I’d put a few bowls of food and water in their run





Then a few days later enjoying the sunshine


This is what happens when your birthday and Mother’s Day are just four days apart – it felt like Christmas


And I’ve just looked out of the window, it’s snowing again!


Saturday, 17th March 2018 at 8:51 am 2 comments

Beach Hut Beginnings

I’ve decided to turn the spare room into a beach hut craft room. I love love love Cornwall and would move there right now if it were possible, but it isn’t. So I’ve flicked through my holiday photos from the past few years for ideas on how to make the room feel a little bit like Cornwall. I’m still not exactly sure how I want it to look but Talland Bay Beach Cafe, Polperro, my money Box, lap tray, treasure chest and Cornishware have inspired me.




I can’t decorate yet, the walls have to chased out for electric cables first, in the meantime I’ve made a start on some bunting and a blanket





Wednesday, 14th February 2018 at 7:16 am 2 comments

All Change

I had a few ideas about a craft space, but I couldn’t visualise how it was going to work. So I moved a couple of bits of furniture, moved them again, decided to swap this with that and maybe that chest of drawers in the bedroom would work better? While I was pondering, I gathered a few crafty things together. I want matching pen pots and matching baskets for a desk which I don’t yet have. I was given some Christmassy bits and pieces a couple of weeks ago, so I laid everything out and started moving them around the table, trying to decide how to assemble them into pretty things. I also made a few gift bags, just because I felt like it. I was still searching Pinterest for the perfect arrangement of craft things in a small space.

Then Master MB announced he was moving out and was gone in a flash (well not really, he’s been back almost daily to pick things up but he’s been super organised and got things done quickly – I like to think he gets his organisational skills from me, lol) and suddenly there’s a spare room. Miss MB has moved into his room, which leaves us (and by that, I mean ME, of course) with a small bedroom. I always thought I wanted a craft room but I’m not sure I want to spend hours tucked away upstairs, I like being in the lounge. It’s much closer to the kettle, and food, and Netflix 😀

I can’t decide what to do so I’ll just carry on staring at Pinterest pictures and trying to decide what to do with this little lot

Leftover bits

Monday, 5th February 2018 at 11:53 am 3 comments

Happy New Year

According to the calendar, I’m a week late. But it doesn’t feel like a new year to me until the Christmas decorations have been packed away and I’ve given the house a much-needed cleaning. The decorations were in boxes in the lounge for two days – I can’t put them up in the loft myself, my hip wlll allow me to go up a ladder but won’t let me come back down, lol. I cleaned around them. On friday morning Mr MB put them away, I cleaned the corner where they’d been piled up then I gave myself the weekend off to be lazy 😀

I have a new diary which I’ve started to fill


and I’ve made a small planner for blog posts


I’m still missing four colours of Stylecraft yarn, they were out of stock. I’ve made a note of them and will make sure they’re included in my next order. I’ve made little samples of all the other colours, this will help me make beautifully co-ordinated items. Hopefully 😀


Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2018 xx

Monday, 8th January 2018 at 4:38 pm 3 comments

Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve with my almost-four-year-old nephew was fabulous. We played Power Rangers (I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing so I just made things up), we were spies with Spiderman walkie talkies (this involved him going into another room and asking me what someone else was doing, while I was sitting in front on the spied-on person) and Playmobil pirates sailing across the coffee table on a raft. He walked around with a basket of crackers and made sure everyone had one to pull, and he helped me make drinks in the kitchen. I’d forgotten what it’s like to have an excited littlie in the house at Christmas and it was wonderful. But when everyone had gone home and I’d tidied up, I was exhausted and glad my kids are all grown up 😀

Christmas Day was lovely, we started opening presents at about 11am and carried on til about 4pm. We take it in turns to open, with everyone else watching and going ‘oooooh’ and ‘aaaah’ before Miss MB chooses who goes next (she’s always been the person in charge of the presents on Christmas Day). It can take up to 30 minutes to open one present each because we all have a good look at each thing. I think we managed two presents each – and our stockings, of course! – before stopping for lunch and it was almost two hours before we sat under the tree again.

Since then, two of us have gone back to work but every moment we’re all home, someone puts a film on, or makes mulled wine, or throws leftovers on plates, or gets the tin of chocs out.

I had some lovely things this year, want to see?





Oooooh what’s in here?




Scampi had great fun with his new toy, he ripped it to pieces in just 20 minutes


And he kept his hat on just long enough to take a photo


Sunday, 31st December 2017 at 12:48 pm 5 comments

The Dentist

I was going to do a couple of posts in the run up to Christmas, there were going to be just a few words and lots of photos. I was organised, nothing was rushed, I was very proud of myself for having Christmas planned properly and I was going to brag about it! But I’ve had a few visits to the dentist lately and just the thought of an upcoming appointment turns me into a nervous wreck and I can’t concentrate on anything else. The last appointment was yesterday (22nd December) and I’m sooooo pleased this treatment plan is over.

I’d like to point out that my dentist is fabulous – he’s patient and gentle and speaks with a calming voice. He makes it clear that just because I’m lying in that chair and he’s hovering over me, it doesn’t mean he’s the boss. They’re MY teeth and I’m the boss of them! Lovely man. It’s dentistry I’m scared of, not the dentist himself.

So there I was, lying in that chair. I didn’t take my coat off, I needed to be ready to run out of the door immediately if I had to, lol. My head was screaming at me to get up and go, the little bit of logic I had left was telling me I’d be fine. So I stayed, while having a silent argument with myself. The good thing about arguing with yourself is that you always win.

I felt nothing but hated every second of it. The dentist and nurse were fab and I told them so, about ten times each! I walked out of there feeling great, with a smile I’m finally happy with. Mr MB and Scampi were walking somewhere nearby, I tried to ring to say I was ready to go home but there was no signal. So I walked through Tetbury (slowly – if I walk too fast will my pulse go up and make my mouth bleed?) to track them down thinking ‘look at me, with lovely teeth, ambling through a pretty Cotswold town at Christmas’ while trying to ignore the fact that I was completely numb from halfway down my nose to the top half of my mouth, my bottom lip was partly numb, and I kept drooling.

Bet you’re glad there’s no photos 😀


Saturday, 23rd December 2017 at 7:26 am 3 comments

Christmas Round Things

Round Things, because they’re too big to be called coasters and too small to be called placemats. To make a coaster, I really need cotton yarn. But all I have is acrylic DK, so that’s what I decided to use. But I liked it so made five more, they’re going to grace my coffee table. Then I decided I needed six for the kitchen table so I’ve made a start on them. I have a solution to the size issue – I just need to find somewhere that sells enormous wine glasses and they’ll fit perfectly 😀


Thursday, 7th December 2017 at 3:23 pm 2 comments

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